Club Info

These are some the things you will need if you are thinking of joining the sport:-

You will need an airgun, the choice of gun is entirely up to you.
Spring gun or precharged, as long as it is under 12 ft 1bs, for 177 or 22.
You will also need a scope.
This will all come down to your budget…..!

You will need pellets, again the make is up to you.
Find a pellet you are happy with and stick with it until you find a good reason to change.
You will need something to put your pellets in, this stops you spilling them everywhere.

You will need a gun cushion, this sort of cushion should cost you around £25 to £30.
As long as it is comfortable and keeps your bum dry then it works.

If you are using a precharged gun you will need a bottle.
You will also need a bottle gauge and hose (with the right connector) to fill your gun with from your bottle.

While you are setting up save your money and spend it on the gun or scope. the more you spend on them the better.